A little too much,but never enough

I guess I am better at loving than saying that i do,

I wish you could hear the way i talk about you,

You catch me talk about distant stars,

Of watching cream making galaxies in my coffee,

lavenders blooming in my backyard,

Dandelions swinging to the tingling touch of summer breeze,

Of bumblebees in search of honey,

Of snow clad hills & tropics,

Of music as old as 90’s ,of patriots i truly extol,

Of myriad ways why i hate how movies craft love stories

to make it look perfect,

Of how rawness in any creation draws my attention,

& a lot more vague ideas that i find beauty in,

I live for warm days,sunshine,honey & love.

Even if i don’t find them by me,I let love find another way to you,

i know my voice quivers

when the right words playjumping jacks in my throat,

You would never know how i trade sleep for your silence that deafens,

I can hold myself a captive to all what my heart pounds for,

Yet not let you know

how i could gleam a smile so wide

like nothing ever haunts me within,

I can keep touching thousand lives like Teresa did,

healing all broken souls yet having one that ain’t got no fix.

I may never reach out to you nor my voice ever will,

But it seems i would never know anybody like you,

Not in a lifetime,nor in Jupiter if life there ever exists

Maybe it’s a story I carry in my heart

that could never be accurately told or known,

For it’s a promise made to my heart,

that rings in chimes of those jaded rocks that went down below the crust

never to be found in whole,

I still wish,we meet in a parallel universe ,for a while,

just so i could whisper in your ears:

How lucky I was to have us under the same sky atleast,

And that made me live through with a flickering hope

like a death wish.

My love knows no boundaries,

Forever is yet a dimension of space & time,

The “Us” that gott buried somewhere with time ,did’nt ever had a span,

It’s beyond light years ,lifetimes & all those units of distance & time

known to man & his kind.

A little too much,


never enough